Consumer Electronics

Wireless Control System

Focus on providing intuitive and pragmatic solutions to enable everyone with a choice of smart living. With a wide range of smart lighting technologies we give our customers with guaranteed convenience at the edge of your fingertips.

Our product portfolio provides a wide range of solutions that enable full lighting control in any facility or area. Ranging from Wireless Switches, Door Sensors, Light Sensors and Motion Based Sensors. Our smart wireless technologies in our switches and sensors are developed to deliver high performance with instantaneous control responses.

We partner with lighting manufacturers and OEM for Research & Development to create the smart way of living with our latest technologies.





Complete Turnkey Solutions for your Quality Assurance, Product Design Qualification and Packaging Transportation Test Programs

Manufacturers of white goods, home and office appliances face extremely short development cycles, an increasing number of design variants and ever-higher customer expectations. Minimal noise levels are critical success factors for many commercial products like dishwashers, washing machines, PCs and even copiers.

Successful manufacturers deliver continuous improvements in reliability, precision and operation costs. We offer solutions to enables them to develop innovative product designs and to deliver higher throughput, maximum efficiency and minimum idle-time.