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Vertical Transportation for Buildings

VOLKSLIFT is building bridges. As Elevators and Escalators bridge different levels, VOLKSLIFT is bridging continents, cultures and economic zones. We invite you to join building bridges together with us and make the world a better place.

We support and work with clients such as Architects, Main Contractors, Developers, M&E consultants and with an array of end-users through providing affordable elevator systems with the latest high end German technologies.

We supply highly reliable elevators system and provide our customer with responsive and timely maintenance support services.

We work with our customer schedule to ensure delivering of the lift projects are done in a fast and effective manner without compromising quality or cost.

We have a comprehensive suite of services and solutions addresses the most demanding requirements of a vertical transportation system in terms of safety, reliability, performance, comfort and more.

Volkslift Panorama Elevator

Predictive Maintenance Solutions for Building Assets

Building owners invest significant resources in environmental and building control systems. These systems can be costly to operate, yet essential for occupant comfort, productivity, and safety. Keeping systems operating at peak performance also reduces energy use and lowers utility costs, a growing concern for building owners worldwide.

Maintenance constitutes a significant percentage of expenses in most facilities, and is therefore worth optimizing. Maintenance costs consume nearly as much of a typical facility’s operating budget as utility costs and amount to more than one-third of the total operating expenses. The question is, where and why is this money spent – and can the amount be reduced while maintaining or improving building performance? To answer this question, first one needs to understand the different approaches used to manage facility maintenance.

There are several forms of building maintenance. Each of which is important to understand and utilize to reduce building management costs.

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VLT Engineering

At VLT Engineering, we believe in delivering high quality services to our customers with integrity and professionalism. Through tactical recruitment, training and development programs, we have established a business with a strong team culture all sharing the same vision, values and goals of the organisation. Every employee at VLT Engineering thoroughly understands the critical importance of delivering professionalism to our clients and how it makes our business unique and differentiated within the industry.

We are not just another lift company but we are professionals in installation, maintaining and extending the lifecycle of our customers’ valuable assets. Whether its Maintenance, Modernisation or Repair, you can depend on VLT to deliver quality services that will exceed expectations. We have a modern procedure put in place for our clients and we aim to maximise value, convenience, customer satisfaction and equipment lifecycles.

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